Guan Tong Media Tank is a privately sponsored, independent European-Chinese media exchange platform where opinion leaders of both sides meet and discuss issues of common interest and strategic relevance.


The Boller-Wu Foundation is an independent institution based in Switzerland, carried exclusively by private sponsors, with the aim of promoting an enlightened dialogue between Europe and China through media work at the highest level, encouraging initiatives for better mutual understanding and deepening topics of strategic interest for both sides.

For this purpose, the Foundation
  • establishes a network of relationships between European media and leading Chinese think-tanks, academies, media and individuals;
  • maintains an Internet service with opinion-building contributions on current topics;
  • enables media-relevant meetings between European and Chinese opinion leaders

All the activities of the Boller-Wu Foundation are orientated to the highest standards of quality, are committed to the fine European tradition of openness and willingness to enter into dialogue with the cultures of the world and are not directed against any third parties.
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