Guan Tong Media Tank is a privately sponsored, independent European-Chinese media exchange platform where opinion leaders of both sides meet and discuss issues of common interest and strategic relevance.
Helmut Schmidt (1918-2015)


Helmut Schmidt

Board of Trustees
Chairmen: Wolfgang Schüssel, Felipe Gonzalez, Wim Kok

Programme Committee
Chairman: Hugo Bütler
Co-Chairman:  HUANG Ping
Members: Hans Boller-Wu, ZHU Bangzao

Guan Tong Club
Sponsors: corporate leaders, prominent individuals,
Chairman: Josef Ackermann
Members: ChinaMed Group,, Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue,

Board of Administration
President: Hans Boller-Wu (founder)
Members: Amy Boller-Wu (founder)
Hugo Bütler (co-founder)
Martin Kurer (co-founder, emeritus)
Managing Director/ Secretariat
Hans Boller-Wu

  • Add substance to the European-Chinese debate on global issues
  • Promote mutual understanding of culture, history and actual developments

  • Commenting on actual events and other topics in European and Chinese media
  • Lectures/speeches of prominent personalities
  • Exclusive informal meetings of visiting Chinese government leaders with European counterparts
  • Other events (e.g. art, culture)
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